Seanda Magazine

Picture of Seanda magazine cover

Seanda, the NRA Archaeology Magazine, was a free annual publication of the NRA Archaeology Section, which was first published in December 2006. It's role was to communicate the results of NRA-funded archaeological investigations to the general public in a non-technical, easily understood format. Seanda featured news items and articles written by archaeologists and other specialists from the NRA, archaeological consultancies and various academic institutions. It included helpful ‘In brief’ sections to explain widely used archaeological terms and also featured a useful glossary.

Issue 6 of Seanda marked a new departure in how the NRA realised the knowledge value of the archaeological discoveries made on national road schemes. Previously, the magazine was printed and tens of thousands of hard copies were distributed around the country, while an electronic version (PDF) of each magazine was made available to download from the NRA website (see links below). Owing to financial constraints Seanda Issues 6–8 were solely available online, albeit with a number of functional enhancements to make the onscreen experience more interactive, user-friendly and enjoyable